• Advancing AI — Government Risks and Results

    | Nov 21, 2019 | Big Data and Analytics

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to describe a diverse set of applications that provide deep learning, machine learning and robotic process capabilities. Recently, the DOD introduced a new AI strategy and management office and several federal agencies are exploring AI technologies to expand their decision-support systems. Major challenges remain to build user trust and ensure data privacy in this fast-moving discipline. View this session to understand how agencies are successfully using AI and how industry can help scale AI programs from prototype to production.


    • Doug Mashkuri, Vice President and General Manager, GovLoop (Moderator)
    • Robert Baxter, Sr. Systems Engineer, NetApp
    • Curtis Dukes, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security Best Practices, Center for Internet Security
    • Sanjay Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Small Business Administration
    • Chezhian Sivagnanam, Chief Enterprise Architect, National Science Foundation




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