• Place Your Bets: Evaluating Additions to the Line Card

    | Nov 17, 2016

    New technologies crop up all the time even as new versions of tried-and-true solutions are introduced. How should partners evaluate their current capabilities and map them to emerging technologies to intelligently build on existing solutions? How should manufacturers approach partners to develop the key alliances that will ensure success? This session is a frank discussion on the evolving channel, the increasing pressures shaping it, and strategies that lead to a robust line card and a strong bottom line.


    • Chris Wilkinson, Senior Director, Market Development, immixGroup
    • Jean-Paul Bergeaux, Federal Chief Technology Officer, GuidePoint Security
    • Greg Decker, Senior Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Ryan Morris, Senior Director, Operations, BAI
    • Steve Stratton, Senior Director, Product Management, Forcepoint Federal





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