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    The Agile Empowerment Technologies (AET) division of Brandes Associates, Inc. provides ground-breaking information exchange and interoperability products to users in a broad marketplace—from the US Intelligence Community, to the Department of Defense and other US and friendly foreign government departments and agencies, to commercial organizations and enterprises.

    "Syndeo” means connecting, and the Syndeo Intelligent Gateway from AET serves as the integration engine that allows intelligent connection of multiple information systems.

    The Syndeo Intelligent Gateway is currently deployed around the world to support Intelligence Sharing and organizational messaging, and is being adopted by the DoD in similar applications.

    The Syndeo was initially developed to connect disparate, stove-piped legacy systems to the new Information Transport Service developed by the Director of National Intelligence.  The product evolved into an information integration engine, using the widely adopted Java Messaging Service (JMS), coupled with a high-speed enterprise service bus and channelized architecture.

    Syndeo provides intelligent processing to enhance usability of the source information. Syndeo channels convert protocols from disparate systems and enclaves, profile the information to make intelligent routing decisions, and provide publish-and-subscribe functionality.  The channels' ability to access multiple diverse databases also allows metadata to be easily added to the intelligent routing.

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