• Technologies to Help Agencies Embrace Cloud Computing

    Government-wide mandates such as the Cloud First Policy and Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiatives, coupled with the need for flexibility, increased mission efficiencies, and cost savings, are driving adoption of cloud computing across government agencies. However, federal procurement and contracting systems, budgetary processes, and current laws make it difficult for agencies to adopt the mandated policies.

    Agency mission requirements continue to expand under increasing budget constraints, requiring simultaneous delivery of new capabilities while ensuring mission success – all with little to no fault tolerance. To ensure success, agencies need to embrace an agile, flexible, and scalable approach to a cost-effective IT environment.

    Those tasked with leveraging emerging cloud capabilities to rearchitect their environments need to take advantage of evolving technologies. Representing a broad selection of industry-leading brands, immixGroup helps government customers meet cloud mandates and increase the flexibility of their infrastructures through:

    • A wide selection of industry-leading cloud solutions
    • The most rapid path for acquisition
    • Insight into how other agencies are embracing cloud adoption
    • Assistance in mapping requirements to available products for relevant, effective solutions
    • Vendor-neutral cloud computing services

    A Wide Range of Industry-Leading Cloud Services & Products

    To realize the benefits of cloud, you need rapid, reliable access to the strongest tools available – and the expertise to help you choose the right solutions.

    immixGroup delivers a wide range of technologies from more than 20 pure cloud vendors. Coupled with an understanding of emerging capabilities to harness the value of cloud architectures, immixGroup offers flexible financing models and an extensive ecosystem of cloud solution providers to transform hundreds of traditional software models to cloud offerings.

    • Securely virtualize workloads
    • Host solutions in public, private, hybrid, and/or community clouds
    • Provision resources to increase infrastructure efficiencies
    • Take advantage of increased IT flexibility and elasticity
    • Leverage agile development to accelerate delivery of applications

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    Click here to view the 20+ Cloud Computing vendors we represent.

    Innovative Consumption Models

    immixGroup’s extensive public sector knowledge and experience combined with flexible financial options enable us to provide cloud solutions to meet government customer and channel partner needs. Our vendor partnerships and extensive array of IT services allow us to offer multiple delivery options:

    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    Experience and Insight to Deliver The Ideal Cloud Solution

    immixGroup’s cloud computing specialists have extensive knowledge of each of the product suites we represent, so we can map your requirements to the right cloud solution. And with nearly two decades of experience providing technology products to every federal agency and major state and local governments, we can offer valuable insight into how other customers are successfully addressing information management challenges like yours.

    In addition, our diverse cloud vendor portfolio enables us to bundle complementary products together to save you money and expedite procurement.

    Preferred Contract Vehicles and Business Partners

    Acting as a prime contractor or through partnerships with 800+ solution providers spanning every socio-economic status and technology specialization, immixGroup provides easy access to technology products and services through the contract vehicles you prefer and the partners you trust.

    Guaranteed Product Authenticity

    As the complexity of the technology supply chain increases, the risk posed by counterfeit or potentially tainted products and parts has never been greater. immixGroup’s Trusted Supplier Program guarantees the authenticity of any product delivered while meeting legal and regulatory requirements – at no additional cost – so you can buy with confidence.

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