• Dedicated to Quality and Customer Service

    immixGroup® provides value to many interested parties in the Public Sector Information Technology Channel. Our interested parties include Technology Suppliers, Value-Added Reseller Partners, Government Buyers and End Users, as well as Contract Officers and Regulating Authorities.

    immixGroup is committed to fulfilling the requirements and objectives of all interested parties by ensuring that they receive quality products, services and support. We achieve these goals by continually assessing our performance against the needs of all parties. We do this by measuring and improving the business processes and by evaluating the risks and opportunities in all the internal and external factors that may affect business performance.

    To support this mission, immixGroup maintains a Quality Management System compliant to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard as assessed by Orion Registrar.

    The immixGroup Quality Management System (iQMS) is a set of policies, processes, and procedures that are used in the pursuit of the company's core business: facilitating the sales process between technology companies, value-added resellers, and government buyers by managing the procurement process and establishing contract vehicles for federal, state, and local government customers. The ultimate purpose of iQMS is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction for all of our interested parties through the identification and documentation of our customers’ requirements and preferences. Our iQMS is built around our core business processes and provides the mechanism through which we measure, control, and improve these business processes, which include:


    • Providing our employees with relevant, insightful training for the special demands of the Public Sector market
    • Managing authorization and reporting on Government Contracts with our Channel Partners
    • Maintaining accurate, up to date Price Lists of our suppliers’ products on various government contracts
    • Quoting to resellers and government buyers accurately and responsively on behalf of the technology suppliers
    • Processing and fulfilling purchase orders placed by our resellers and government customers
    • Delivering purchase orders to our technology suppliers
    • Confirming customer satisfaction with the procurement process

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    ISO - International Organization for Standardization

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