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  • Working with immixGroup

    Michael Hayes, Federal Sales Manager, SolarWinds

    Michael Hayes, Federal Sales Manager, SolarWinds

    Stephanie Niner, Ecosystem Account Manager, Blackboard

    Stephanie Niner, Ecosystem Account Manager, Blackboard

    Parees Tahrani,  Account Manager, Intel Security

    Parees Tahrani, Account Manager, Intel Security

    Gerard Biggs, Hortonworks

    Gerard Biggs, Director of Civilian Sales, Hortonworks

    Tim Conrad, A10 Networks

    Tim Conrad, Director of Federal Channels, A10 Networks

    Erik Lund, ASG Software Solutions

    Erik Lund, Vice President of Federal Sales, ASG Software Solutions

    Robert Strelser, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Robert Strelser, Director of Federal EG Channels, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Mark Boyer

    Mark Boyer, General Proposal Manager, Cisco U.S. Public Sector

    Ron Gupta, TIBCO

    Ron Gupta, Vice President, TIBCO Federal

    Dirk Venzlaff Fortinet

    Dirk Venzlaff, VP of Distribution, Fortinet

    Brad Calderone NetScout Systems

    Brad Calderone, DOD/DHS Account Manager, NetScout Systems

    Joe Muscarella Brocade

    Joe Muscarella, Director of Federal Channels, Brocade

    Market Intelligence

    Jim Lambert, Palo Alto Networks 2

    Jim Lambert, Manager of Federal Channels, Palo Alto Networks

    Tim Conrad, A10 Networks

    Tim Conrad, Director of Federal Channels, A10 Networks

    Carleton Robinson, Infoblox

    Carleton Robinson, Federal Business Development, Infoblox


    Will Randels, RSA Security

    Will Randels, Federal Channel Sales Manager, RSA Security

    Chris Harr, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Chris Harr, Partner Business Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Richard Spires DHS

    Richard Spires, Former CIO of DHS

    Joyce Bosc Boscobel

    Joyce Bosc, President & Founder, Boscobel

    Henry Sienkiewicz DISA

    Henry Sienkiewicz, Former CIO of DISA

    Lead Generation

    Charles Niles, Director of DoD Sales, Hortonworks

    Charles Niles, Director of DoD Sales, Hortonworks

    Doug Rossie, SafeLogic

    Doug Rossie, VP of Business Development, SafeLogic

    Rob Fisher, Pitney Bowes Software

    Rob Fisher, Senior Sales Executive, Pitney Bowes Software

    Alex Kunin, IXIA

    Alexander Kunin, Director for Federal Sales, IXIA

    Sean Hendricks Oracle

    Sean Hendricks, Technology Sales Representative, Oracle

    Justin Brooks Appian

    Justin Brooks, Federal Account Executive, Appian

    Channel Development

    Stephanie Niner, Ecosystem Account Manager, Blackboard

    Stephanie Niner, Ecosystem Account Manager, Blackboard

    Jim Lambert, Palo Alto Networks

    Jim Lambert, Manager of Federal Channels, Palo Alto Networks

    Dirk Venzlaff Fortinet

    Dirk Venzlaff, VP of Distribution, Fortinet

    Contract Management

    Ron Gupta, TIBCO

    Ron Gupta, Vice President, TIBCO Federal

    Mike Raymond Riverbed

    Mike Raymond, Director of Federal Sales, Riverbed Technologies

    Will Spangler Citrix

    Will Spangler, Channel Development Manager, Citrix

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  • Testimonials

    • I am privileged to have worked with immixGroup throughout my entire career in the Public Sector IT industry. As a Federal Channel Manager for two of the largest IT manufacturers in the industry, immixGroup has given me tools that I need to get my business done. immixGroup’s strategic sales support coupled with their organizational efficiencies make them an integral member of my team. They are the key to success in the public sector market place.

      Chris Novello, Federal Channel Manager for Civ/Intel


    • It has been a true pleasure to work with the immixGroup team. A true testament of a dedicated business partner is the consistency behind values and customer satisfaction. immixGroup continues to surpass each of those fields, delighting each client they work with. I look forward to much success with the immixGroup team in the near future.

      Michael Barnes, Software Client Leader, Public Sector, Healthcare


    • As we sought to expand and grow our channel program, the decision was made to leverage a relationship with immixGroup as the foundation of this. Having been part of their channel program now for a year I can say that every day immixGroup continues to impress. Their program is much more than just holding a GSA schedule. From outbound calling campaigns, to running all of our federal maintenance, and leveraging their marketing team to provide training for our customer base. immixGroup has been fantastic.

      John Bowman, Director of Federal Operations

      VBrick Systems

    • …immixGroup has been instrumental in many successes. They are capable of helping me do just about any business with clients. Everything from the most simple quote to the most difficult, time consuming, and technical procurement tasks. I appreciate immixGroup’s resources and expertise. They are a go-to when I need a partner that will really come through for me. I know I can count on immixGroup and will continue to do so.

      Gary Judy, Defense Account Manager


    • The information we received, I think it's unique in the industry. It's something we'll be able to take and apply to our business going forward. It's absolutely very valuable.

      Carleton Robinson, Federal Business Development


    • Sometimes you have these discussions and nothing ever comes of it. immixGroup actually takes action, putting a plan in place and executing against it…

      Dirk Venzlaff, VP of Distribution


    • So immixGroup has been fantastic to work with, really helped drive some new meetings with some organizations we’ve historically had difficulty getting into…

      Justin Brooks, Federal Account Executive


    • The Market Intelligence has helped me grow my business by pointing out where the budget and the money are going, so that I can plan appropriately and get to the right people.

      Sean Hendricks, Technology Sales Representative


    • immixGroup brings a different level of consultation to the table as it relates to the federal government and working with the federal partner community...

      Joe Muscarella, Director of Federal Channels


    • immixGroup has a long history with Riverbed, holding our GSA Schedule and doing a great job of managing all of our GSA Schedule agent relationships, so that’s been great. immixGroup has also been a great consultant…

      Mike Raymond, Director of Federal Sales

      Riverbed Technologies

    • immixGroup is great, they sincerely are. We love our team and they are absolutely fantastic to work with every day.

      Brad Calderone, DOD and DHS Account Manager

      NetScout Systems

    • immixGroup is extremely important to the way we go to market. immixGroup is our sole GSA contractor holder. So, from a contract perspective, they cover all of the backend process that we don't necessarily have the time and resources to commit to…

      Will Spangler, Channel Development Manager


    • immixGroup is an absolutely integral part of our strategy. ImmixGroup is a headache free, worry free partner that we can outsource not just our contracting to, but also have work as a strategic organizational component in our overall platform.

      Ron Gupta, Vice President

      TIBCO Federal

    • immixGroup is a key contributor to the success of my mission due to their focus and unwavering dedication. I have leveraged their knowledge and relationships with my customers in order to expedite business in the past, those same relationships also allow me to trust that they will do what is best for the customer. Their ability to collaborate with others who share the same vision has proven to be crucial to my success and I have been able to grow my business due to immixGroup’s contributions.

      Jeddah Joseph Deloria, Public Sector Account Manager


    • immixGroup has been instrumental in helping us grow our federal business and presence. Their expertise and knowledge of the federal market is second to none. Anyone looking to gain access to or grow their federal business should work with immixGroup.

      Toby Jacobsen, Federal Channel Manager

      Violin Memory

    • ImmixGroup has not only been a pleasure to work with, they are literally an extension of my Sales Force. They help me tactically and strategically within the Federal Civilian space. With planned call campaigns, to creating a tighter bond with our go to market partners. They also have up to date Agency Information for planning to execute. They are knowledgeable in our accounts, and help me to improve relationships with Customers, and my go to market Partners.

      Randy Heiston, Director of Civilian, Managed Cloud Services


    • The immixGroup marketing team has been a huge asset to our marketing efforts. I can feel 100% confident that any plan we have in place will be taken care of flawlessly. Their innovative ideas, dedicated team members and strong customer and vendor relationships are only a few examples why immixGroup's marketing team is a valued asset to us.

      Jessica Wessinger, Sr. Marketing Coordinator

      Emergent, LLC (360)

    • It has been so refreshing to work with the top-notch and professional marketing organization at immixGroup. They epitomize the word synergy in marketing. My ideas combined with theirs and our mutual discussion of how to best implement an event or campaign is compelling. They back up their programs and events with excellent on-line materials, telemarketing and staffing. At the end of every project, they show how well we executed the activity. I highly recommend immixGroup!

      Mark Sincevich, Federal Director

      Cyviz AS

    • The value-add from immixGroup to my organization is immeasurable. They are truly an extension of my team and have one of the highest close/renewal rates out of our North America channel partners with a Federal focus. They are flexible which allows my teams to work through our complex processes while they execute the quotes and in turn get deals closed faster.

      Thomas Mckibben, Worldwide Software Services Sales Manager


    • immixGroup takes a proactive approach, understanding the deals, working with our partners to assist and facilitate business, and executing flawlessly once the order arrives. They work tirelessly with our systems and teams to produce accurate and timely quotes and close deals – all while driving new business activity.

      Keith Weatherford, Director of Public Sector Channels

      McAfee, Inc.

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