• Available Contract Vehicles

    immixGroup® holds select contract vehicles as required to support each vendor's specific requirements from each agency. immixGroup teams its GSA Schedule contract with federal system integrators to facilitate specific deals.

    Many of immixGroup's contract vehicles are carried under one of immixGroup's wholly-owned subsidiaries, as indicated in the column labeled "Held By" below.

  • Lance Lorenz describes how SHI International’s strategic relationship with immixGroup has helped its sales team become more effective and position itself over its competitors.

  • GSA Multiple Award Schedules

    Under the GSA Schedules (also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules and Federal Supply Schedules) Program, GSA establishes long-term government-wide contracts with commercial firms to provide access to over 10 million commercial supplies and services that can be ordered directly from GSA Schedule contractors or through the GSAAdvantage! online shopping and ordering system.

    Who can use the GSA Schedule?

    All federal government agencies, quasi-federal agencies, and government contractors purchasing in support of government funded work and state and local governments can purchase from GSA Schedules. For a complete list of agencies and contractors eligible to use GSA sources of supply, visit the GSA web site under "Eligibility to Use GSA Sources".

    Available GSA Schedules

    Agency/Program Contract No. Held By
    IT 70 GS-35F-0511T EC America, Inc.  
    IT 70 GS-35F-0265X immixTechnology, Inc.  

  • Federal Contracts

    Agency/Program Contract No. Held By
    SEWP V Contract NNG15SC16B and
    immixTechnology, Inc.  
    NETCENTS-2 Products FA8732-13-D-0018 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    ITES-SW W52P1J-15-D-0007 immixTechnology, Inc.  

    Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) BPAs

    Agency/Program Contract No. Held By
    Flexera Software, Inc. N00104-12-A-ZF44 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    IBM (Software) DABL01-03-A-1006 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    Upland N00104-08-A-ZF31 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    PTC W52P1J-12-A-0016 immixTechnology, Inc.  

    Other Purchasing Agreements

    Agency/Program Contract No. Held By
    DHS ESS BPA - McAfee HSHQDC-11-A-00043 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    DOI-IBC BPA - Kronos D13PA0030 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    USDA BPA - PegaSystems AG-3144-B-15-0012 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    USDA Serena SEWP SPA AG-3142-B-10-0010 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    Social Security
    Administration BPA
    SS00-11-40020 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    DOE Guidance
    SEWP Contract
    DE-IM0000597 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    TSA BPA - Kronos HSTS03-11-A-CI0291 immixTechnology, Inc.  

  • State and Local Contracts

    To better serve state and local government technology buyers, immixGroup® holds several state government contract vehicles. Our state government customers may also obtain the technology products we represent from more than 100 technology manufacturers via cooperative purchasing through our GSA Schedule 70 contract.

    * Contract vehicles marked with an asterisk below are managed for a specific IT manufacturer.

    Agency/Program Contract No. Held By
    City of Los Angeles Purchasing Agent * 59317 EC America, Inc.  
    California Multiple Award Schedule 3-17-00-0507A immixTechnology, Inc.  
    California Multiple Award Schedule 3-08-70-1448B EC America, Inc.  
    California Multiple Award Schedule 3-11-70-2233B immixTechnology, Inc.  
    California PEPPM 527029 EC America, Inc.  
    Commonwealth of Kentucky Contract * MA-758-1100001115-1 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    Maryland COTS - Software 060B2490021 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    NASPO ValuePoint AR2496 EC America, Inc.  
    National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance I-75 EC America, Inc.  
    New Mexico IT Software & Services Agreement 40-000-14-00064 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    New York Comprehensive Telecommunications
    Equipment & Solutions
    PT65085 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    North Carolina DPI * NC10WIFI10 EC America, Inc.  
    Ohio State Term Schedule 534339 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    Ohio State Term Schedule 534103 EC America, Inc.  
    State of Oklahoma IT Agreement * ITSW1006 EC America, Inc.  
    University of Oklahoma * R-16007-16 EC America, Inc.  
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania * 4400012400 EC America, Inc.  
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania COSTARS COSTARS-006-152 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    Pennsylvania PEPPM 527080 EC America, Inc.  
    Software Licensing Program 17-70-0221A EC America, Inc.  
    Software Licensing Program 18-70-0232A immixTechnology, Inc.
    Texas DIR DIR-TSO-3150 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    Texas DIR * DIR-TSO-2585 immixTechnology, Inc.  
    University of Wisconsin MD-16-2058 EC America, Inc.
  • Success Stories

    • immixGroup is such a smart, efficient, and driven organization… My personal experiences with them have always been fantastic: quick turnarounds for quotes and requests, incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff, people who know the ins and out of how the government does business, and employees eager to help with just about anything, including our most recent charity golf tournament! I’m so thankful to have immixGroup in my professional life.

      Kara Tomak, Dell Alliance Director


    • As a Value-Added Reseller, it is often to difficult to find a vendor/manufacturer partner who’s strategic approach is similar to ours. immixGroup has been a pleasant exception to that rule. Courteous, educated, and prompt responses combined with numerous training and marketing opportunities to make immixGroup a trusted business partner. Their vast array of contract vehicles is also a key component to immixGroup’s value add. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the support and partnership being offered.

      Eric Bealmear, Sales Manager

      En-Net Services

    • We have found immixGroup to be an extremely beneficial business partner, and we work with them on an ongoing basis utilizing their contract vehicles and working collaboratively with them to find cost effective solutions for government buyers to purchase goods and services. We have experience with them in their EC Americas schedule and on the SEWP IV Contract, and have had nothing but positive results. Team immixGroup is full of quality people that are responsive, easy to work with, and bring value.

      DOD Account Manager

      Futron Incorporated

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