• Win More CDM Business

    The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program, established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in August 2013, represents a $6 billion, 5-year opportunity for approved CDM BPA holders. Through strategically sourced tools and services, the CDM program seeks to provide the government with better real time situational awareness through an enterprise approach to defense and monitoring of their cyber networks.

    DHS established the CDM Tools /Continuous Monitoring-as-a-Service (CMaaS) blanket purchase agreement to provide adequate, risk-based, and cost-effective cybersecurity that includes 15 tool functional areas and 11 service task areas.

    To capitalize on this opportunity and better serve your government customers, you need a business partner who can increase the effectiveness of your CDM strategy and give you a competitive advantage over other approved contractors.

    As a teaming partner on several CDM BPAs, immixGroup can be your strategic source of supply for cybersecurity technology products from the broadest possible range of large and emerging vendors. Since 1997, immixGroup has helped technology companies do business with the government.

    immixGroup acts as an extension of your CDM team and provides:

    • Fast, reliable access to the cybersecurity products, vendors, technical information, and industry expertise you need to win competitive CDM task orders
    • Extensive knowledge of COTS cybersecurity technologies and the government procurement process
    • Contract and pricing compliance to ensure the success of your vehicle
    • Meet the CDM Program Team

    A Single Source for All Your CyberSecurity Product Needs

    Reduce the complexity, workload, and cost of your CDM acquisitions and eliminate the need to communicate with multiple suppliers to meet every new government requirement. immixGroup provides one-stop access to all the cybersecurity tools and brands you need. This includes established and emerging technologies from nearly 100 vendors, backed by cybersecurity product experts and a dedicated CDM program team to support your urgent requests and unique market strategy.

    Access to New Technologies and Vendor Expertise

    Need to identify new products to meet a customer’s requirements? Searching for a niche offering or cutting-edge capability that gives you a competitive advantage? You’ll find more options through immixGroup than with any other supplier. We’ll leverage our deep cybersecurity expertise and extensive vendor network to find alternative or emerging technologies that fit within the existing tool functional areas of the CDM BPA – so you can stop hunting for products and focus on serving your customers.

    Fast Turnaround on Technical Requests

    Don’t let last-minute requirements or questions impact your ability to win CDM business. immixGroup’s dedicated cybersecurity and CDM program teams leverage long-standing relationships with dozens of software and hardware vendors to help you find the right technical resources to get your questions answered quickly and efficiently. We’ll connect you with the right individuals to address issues around compliance, modifications, product configuration, integration, demonstration licenses, and more – so you can hunt for new business, not answers.

    Compliant Procurements with Guaranteed Product Authenticity

    As GSA’s 6th largest IT-70 supply schedule holder in 2013, immixGroup will maintain pricing and contract compliance while ensuring new products are added to GSA Schedule in a timely fashion. With more than 17 years of proven success in federal contracting, ISO-certified acquisition processes, and a proven team of government contract management experts, no other company can match immixGroup’s extensive knowledge of the government procurement process. We’ll quickly and effectively address contract modifications so you don’t have to, while maintaining competitive pricing and working with our vendors to support your strategic pricing strategies. And immixGroup’s Trusted Supplier Program certifies the authenticity of products we supply, protecting you and your customers from the risk of unauthorized, gray market or counterfeit products.

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