• Blanket Purchase Agreements

    Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) are established to simplify the acquisition of recurring needs for services or products to fulfill agency customer requirements. There are two types of BPAs including traditional BPAs and BPAs established under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule.

    BPAs can be established for all types of supplies and services, to include but not limited to:

    • Software licenses
    • Information Technology (IT) product and services
    • Cloud services and solutions
    • Telecommunications and wireless services

    immixGroup holds the below BPAs: 

    Contract No. Entity Contract Held By  Federal Agency 
    N68335-20-A-0043   EC America, Inc. NAWCAD Lakehurst
    HSHQDC-17-A-00026 EC America, Inc. DHS
    HSTS03-14-A-CIO230 immixTechnology, Inc. DHS
    2032H5-18-A-00025 immixTechnology, Inc. IRS
    SS00-17-40015 immixTechnology, Inc. SSA
    N68335-20-A-0094   immixTechnology, Inc. NAWCAD Lakehurst
    28321320A00040038 immixTechnology Inc. SSA

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