DoD ESI is an official Department of Defense initiative sponsored by the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) that helps information technology buyers obtain the best value on commercial software, IT hardware, and services. Through its joint team of experts, DoD ESI consolidates requirements and establishes agreements with IT providers, resulting in a unified contracting and vendor management strategy across the entire department. This enables programs to:

    • Acquire solutions that best fit their requirements
    • Receive the best value
    • Secure the best terms and conditions

    immixGroup holds a DoD ESI agreement for the following products:

    The DoD ESI agreements are open for ordering by the “DoD Departments and Agencies” on a world-wide basis. “Departments and Agencies” are defined by the Title 48 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 202.101. In addition, “DoD or Agencies” includes the Intelligence Community (IC) and the U.S. Coast Guard. Government contractors performing work for a DoD Component (as defined above) may place Orders under these agreements on behalf of and for the benefit of the DoD entity if authorized by their cognizant Contracting Officer in accordance with the requirements of FAR 51 and/or DFARS 251 as appropriate.

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