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    1301 N Congress Ave., Suite 410
    Boynton Beach, Florida  33426


    Corellium provides virtual mobile devices for advanced security research, testing, and development. They offer a virtual hardware platform for arm-powered device that has been adopted by federal, state, and local government agencies and service providers worldwide.
    This platform can virtualize numerous mobile hardware devices, such as iPhone and Android mobile phones, for vulnerability research, exploit research, mobile app pen testing, malware analysis, cyber ranges, digital twins, mobile forensics and DevSecOps. These devices are truly virtualized, rather than emulated, to run firmware and applications natively.
    Corellium can also create customized Arm-based devices to meet government requirements, such as SOHO routers, IoT devices, and other mobile phones. The platform can run on both on-premises and air-gapped environments as well as in a public or private cloud environment.