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    Expert Choice leads the market in developing innovative features to leverage latest advances in social collaboration, social behavior, and decision making. Expert Choice, Inc.® has over 30 years’ experience helping government and commercial clients with decision-making and risk analytics. Across industries we have served more than 500 organizations—since our founding. Expert Choice is widely recognized as a leader in the field of collaborative decision making. Expert Choice continues to innovate by adding processes and tools to leverage the latest breakthroughs in behavioral and decision science as is evidenced by its seven software patents, and frequent new feature releases.

    Expert Choice Enterprise Risk Management software solutions enable you to make better decisions regarding the risks you take for complex decisions, and better manage risks you face for enterprise-wide risk assessments.

    Expert Choice’s Collaborative Decision software delivers measurably improved complex decisions and risk assessments, while providing accountability and transparency into the decision process.  Reporting capabilities shows how decisions are directly linked to organizational objectives, and permit optimization of resources across scenarios and time periods.

    Expert Choice’s software and approach helps organizations to combine hard data, expertise, and intuition in a collaborative, real-time environment, across stakeholder groups. Expert Choice customers experience improved decision outcomes, reduced costs, enhanced productivity, improved timelines, team- alignment, buy-in, and business confidence.

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