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    4600 Fairfax Drive, Suite 410
    Arlington VA 22203


    About Fend Incorporated

    Fend Incorporated protects critical infrastructure and other industrial control systems from cyber attacks by using physics, rather than code, to block malicious cyber intrusions, ransomware and other types of cyber attacks. Fend’s innovations include hardware that was designed from the ground up to be cost-effective, easy to install, and able to “meet legacy equipment where it is.” Fend has customers in energy, water, manufacturing, maritime and defense. 

    Fend data diode hardware

    The core of Fend’s technology is its patented data diode hardware that isolates control systems from attack while sending a physically enforced, one-way stream of data to operators. It protects equipment without the need for security patches or updates. Using Fend’s data diodes, customers can safely bring equipment into the cloud through Fend’s own data ingestion platform, Fend Cloud. Fend designs and manufactures its data diode hardware in the USA. 

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