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    Getvisbility has built a product to help companies meet Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance requirements. Our aim is to make sure companies have control and oversight of their unstructured data. Getvisibility uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make meeting CMMC compliance easier and more efficient.

    Our unified GRC platform enables enterprises and government agencies to gain complete situational awareness of their extended enterprise environment and Getvisibility helps reduce operational risk to their data. Our products deploy quickly for effective real-time discovery and classification of every piece of data across the network. Leading companies across EMEA and North America now rely on Getvisiblity's infrastructure-agnostic solution to reduce the risk associated with unclassified data. Our job is to ensure and demonstrate data security compliance, improve governance and reduce risk. Getvisibility Focus is used for legacy data at rest. Getvisibility Synergy is employed at the endpoint level and allows the user to directly integrate with the ML on the classification of documentation on the fly.

    As of June 2020, many companies that work with the U.S. Department of Defense will need to meet CMMC requirements to bid on contracts. This has led to many enquiries into what exactly this means for companies and what they should be doing to become compliant. The DOD’s CMMC will mean contractors will require a certification process designed to increase visibility and support security into the supply chain. A company’s cyber behavior, based on their controls and practices, will receive a level rating between 1 and 5, which will determine their eligibility to bid on certain contracts. Getvisibility’s team of experts will work closely with your organization to address your specific requirements to carry out a specific scan of CUI/FOUO for CMMC.

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