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    • Federal Cybersecurity Update: From Cyber Sprint to CSIP Marathon

      May 3, 2016
      Cybersecurity, CDM

      Learn best practices for how agencies are protecting our Nation’s critical infrastructure in the face of increasingly sophisticated and persistent cyber threats.

    • Opening Doors to Government in the Cloud

      Mar 24, 2015
      Cloud Computing

      This briefing brought a panel of government thought-leaders to discuss the use of modern technologies such as agile application development, open source, infrastructure as a service, and other shared services as an accelerating trend in government today.

    • Modernizing Healthcare Systems and Interoperability in Government

      Jan 27, 2015

      This briefing brought government thought-leaders to the table to talk about plans to leverage interoperability to foster the technological advancement of health information exchange and improve the quality of care for Americans while supporting patient-provider interaction.

    • Application Modernization as a Pathway to the Cloud

      Dec 9, 2014
      Cloud Computing

      This briefing will bring government thought-leaders to the table to talk about their plans to innovate by modernizing their legacy systems.

    • Securing Government's Mission on the Go

      Sep 9, 2014

      Video recording from the event on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.- FedInsider brought government stakeholders to discuss agency plans for implementing new ways to achieve cost savings and innovation securely. The event was also sponsored by CA Technologies.