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    • Tenable Threat Thursday technical training - Reverse engineering the Capital One attack

      Nov 30, 2023

      Security teams are hampered by a wide array of factors that make vulnerability remediation a challenge. Threat Thursdays are a technical trainings taught by technical people to better understand the challenges facing public sector organizations. This training focused on lessons learned from the Capital One breach.

    • Ransomware Resiliency: Identify, Prevent and Defend

      Apr 20, 2023

      This event featured technology leaders from government, education and industry sectors. Topics included understanding threat data, infrastructure and vulnerabilities, workforce, human factor and breaches, zero trust security infrastructure attack surface and pathways, an public sector best practices.

    • BEAD Government and Industry Panel

      Jan 19, 2023

      View this panel discussion on the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (B.E.A.D) Program. B.E.A.D. appropriates $42.45 billion for states, territories and the District of Columbia to utilize for broadband deployment, mapping and adoption projects.

    • Women in cybersecurity

      Oct 19, 2022

      According to a recent survey on women in the field of cybersecurity, men outnumber women three to one.  However, the percentages of women in key cybersecurity leadership positions are increasing.  Currently, in America, there are 714,548 unfilled cybersecurity positions. The need to educate and raise up the next generation of cyber defenders is paramount. In support of this year’s NIST NICE Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, enjoy this webinar discussion on “Women in cyber.”

    • Déjà vu all over again: How to prepare for CVE announcements webinar

      Mar 31, 2022
      Business and Operations, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Mobility, Industrial Technology, IT Infrastructure, State & Local, CDM,

      Secure software development isn’t always a top concern to the business unless you are in a highly regulated industry. Today, time to market is often more important than security, increasing the value of the product that you sell with continuous improvement and quick software releases. To create and maintain a lead on the competition, you have to be really good at Agile and DevOps. That’s where immixGroup and Checkmarx come in.

    • Market Intelligence Briefing: The Civilian FY22 Federal Budget

      Mar 23, 2022
      Big Data and Analytics

      immixGroup’s market intelligence experts share their detailed research on the 2022 Civilian Federal Budget in this webinar. Watch to identify actionable information that you can use to better align your sales strategies and marketing messages.

    • immixGroup FY2022 DoD budget briefing webinar

      Mar 10, 2022

      immixGroup’s market intelligence experts share their detailed research on the latest top-funded opportunities across the Department of Defense in this webinar. Watch to identify actionable information that you can use to better align your sales strategies and marketing messages regarding agency IT budgets, key technology priorities, organizational landscapes, major acquisition drivers, and key FY2022 programs.

    • Palo Alto Zero Trust Webinar

      Jan 27, 2022
      Cybersecurity, State & Local

      Watch this immixGroup webinar sponsored by CDWG where you will learn from Palo Alto Networks experts how to achieve Zero Trust for private cloud security. You will also discover how to take a pragmatic approach to implementing Zero Trust architectures for enterprise data centers.

    • NetScout Connect360 Federal partner program

      Dec 15, 2021
      Big Data and Analytics, Business and Operations, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Mobility, Industrial Technology, IT Infrastructure, State & Local, CDM,

      NetScout is excited to announce the launch of our enhanced federal partner program – Connect360 partner program for U.S. Federal. This program is designed to deliver new avenues of revenue to enable you to further grow your business through aggressive discounts on deal registration, strong renewal rates, certification training and more!

    • The Executive Order and Zero Trust webinar with BGT and Forcepoint

      Jul 22, 2021

      Find out how your company can implement Zero Trust solutions in this webinar featuring Braxton-Grant Technologies and Forcepoint.

    • The Executive Order and Zero Trust webinar with BGT and Forcepoint

      Jul 21, 2021

      Register today for this webinar to learn more about launching Zero Trust solutions with Braxton-Grant Technologies and Forcepoint

    • Migrating to OpenJDK – Government Best Practices and Security Guidelines

      Apr 22, 2021
      Cloud Computing

      Feeling trapped by Oracle Java? You have better options.

    • Monitoring for Remote Workforce

      Aug 6, 2020

      Join immixGroup and Veriato to hear about how the pandemic is driving a surge in the use of Remote Monitoring Software, for employees working from home.

    • CBT Nuggets IT Training for Government Teams

      May 6, 2020
      Business and Operations

      Watch this video to learn how CBT Nuggets can help modernize your team and minimize cybersecurity risks.

    • Secure Your OT Environment

      Apr 28, 2020
      Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure

      Attend this webinar with Gigamon and ClearShark to learn how to gain visibility into your operational environment to keep your OT network secure, efficient and cost effective.

    • Prisma Access Business Continuity and Enabling a Secure Mobile Workforce

      Mar 26, 2020

      Watch this webinar to learn more about Palo Alto Networks customized offerings that are easy to consume, purchase and deploy.

    • Mainframe Makeover

      Feb 22, 2019
      Big Data and Analytics, Business and Operations, Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure

      Without updating mainframe-based legacy systems, most agencies cannot consolidate their data center environments, move to the cloud to share services or enable the mobile workforce.  You can start immediately modernizing your mainframe platform using proven Micro Focus tools that take advantage of the latest advancements in technology.

    • McAfee MVISION Federal Overview

      Aug 30, 2018
      Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure

      In this webinar, learn about the new McAfee MVISION portfolio that’s focused on making its products even more interoperable with third-party solutions and multiple platforms. 

    • Tap Into the Power of Adobe Stock

      Jun 26, 2018
      Business and Operations, IT Infrastructure

      Creatives everywhere are facing increased workloads and shorter deadlines. We will show you how Adobe Stock can help accelerate your organization’s creativity by finding the right stock imagery, video, and templates – up to 10x faster!  Adobe Stock’s worry-free licensing removes compliance concerns and frees creatives to focus on creating.

    • Security Metrics That Matter

      Apr 24, 2018

      Join RedSeal to learn how its solutions platform identifies cyber defensive gaps and runs continuous penetration tests to give stakeholders the understandable and actionable metric they need to drive toward resilience.

    • Unlock value from Big Data with Apache NiFi and streaming CDC

      Feb 27, 2018
      Big Data and Analytics

      Most agencies face a mounting data flow problem and few solutions have been able to help. During this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn about Apaches NiFi, an easy-to-use, powerful and reliable system that processes and distributes data and automates and manages the flow of data between systems.

    • Amp Up Your CI/CD Pipeline By Looking In Your DevOps Blind Spot

      Dec 14, 2017
      Big Data and Analytics, Business and Operations, Cloud Computing

      Don’t miss this opportunity to get an overview of how you can drive better margins with BMC’s latest innovation.

    • EDW Modernization for the Public Sector

      Sep 6, 2017
      Big Data and Analytics

      Hear how Hortonworks helps the Public Sector modernize their EDWs through use cases such as Consolidation and Active Archive, ETL Onboarding, and Fast BI on Hadoop.

    • Analyzing the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act and its Impact on Federal Cybersecurity Programs

      Jul 11, 2017
      Big Data and Analytics, Cybersecurity

      Join Cameron Chehreh, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Dell EMC Federal, and Chris Brazdziunas, Vice President of Products at LogRhythm, as they examine the impacts of MGT Act on federal cyber security programs and capabilities

    • Defensive Cyber Operations – What Do You Need to Think About?

      Jun 29, 2017

      2017 brings major changes to the way the DOD conducts Defensive Cyber Operations, both tactically and strategically. Watch this webinar to learn how you can adapt to the changes and be prepared.

    • President Trump’s Cybersecurity Executive Order and what agencies need to do to respond

      Jun 27, 2017

      On May 11th, 2017, the President issued his Executive Order on strengthening cybersecurity and protecting the country’s digital infrastructure. Join RedSeal and GuidePoint Security as they review the EO and advise on how to effectively address the highest cybersecurity risks.

    • Optimizing Hyperconverged Infrastructure with Plexxi

      Jun 20, 2017
      Cloud Computing

      Is your network ready for 10x traffic growth? Watch this webinar to learn how Plexxi can deliver a simply better network for CI and storage.

    • Gain visibility and secure network access to prevent emerging threats

      May 25, 2017

      Join Pulse Secure in this webinar to learn strategies for tackling growing challenges government agencies face with connected internet of things devices and emerging cybersecurity threats, while also trying to provide easy access to data.

    • Innovate with the New MySQL Cloud Service

      May 23, 2017
      Cloud Computing

      MySQL is now available as a service in the Oracle Cloud! Learn how it provides a simple, automated, integrated and enterprise-ready cloud service.

    • Threat Spelunking: Combining data-centric and endpoint hunt models for more effective threat hunting in Splunk

      May 2, 2017

      Infocyte and Splunk have partnered to offer Splunk users a fully comprehensive threat hunting solution that combines the best of data-centric hunting provided by Splunk and agentless endpoint hunt capabilities offered by Infocyte. By combining the two solutions, Splunk users benefit from a proven and defined hunt workflow that reduces time-to-detection and eases hunter skillset requirements.

    • HPE Data Security webinar

      May 1, 2017

      The challenge all organizations face with encryption solutions today is that you must decrypt your data before you use it.

    • Mitigating Windows 10 migration risk

      Mar 16, 2017

      Join Riverbed for this interactive webinar to find out how major initiatives in the DOD space are being addressed.

    • Technology matters: Taking your procurement certification/training program to the next level

      Mar 14, 2017
      Business and Operations

      Join this webinar to find out details on Blackboard's innovative, integrated suite of learning solutions and view demonstrations of  the latest technology available to help you solve your learning challenges, maximize results, and reduce costs. 

    • Creating a Better Government with Better Training

      Dec 14, 2016

      Though civilians and soldiers today require continuous and flexible training to accelerate success, many agencies' learning programs fall short and cost too much. Learn how Blackboard is helping the Government solve this problem with our innovative, integrated suite of teaching and learning solutions. In this webinar you'll find out how Blackboard can help you solve your agencies learning challenges, maximize results, and reduce costs.

    • HPE/Aruba Federal (Partner Ready for Networking Program) Review

      Nov 30, 2016

      Watch this webinar to hear more about the new HPE FEDERAL Partner Ready for Networking Program and how you can benefit from an enhanced go-to-market model with greater margin opportunities for new business and mobile competencies. This review is specific to the FEDERAL market and is a separate program from the commercial model.

    • Windows 10: Managing Native Encryption with McAfee

      Nov 29, 2016

      McAfee MNE (Management of Native Encryption) offers Windows 10 users the ability to reduce complexity by leveraging their current infrastructure to manage Native Encrytion (Bitlocker). Moreover, this reduces TCO, increases automation and streamlines processes for cyber professionals in the DoD.

    • Solving Data Privacy and Compliance Challenges with EnForce Risk Manager

      Oct 18, 2016

      Every organization or agency has some form of sensitive information.  Whether that information is in the form of trade secrets or classified data, there is a strong need to manage and protect sensitive information at every stage of its lifecycle, especially in light of data breaches, data loss, and increasingly complex privacy regulations.  Learn how to proactively identify, categorize, and remediate sensitive and private information with Guidance Software’s newest product – EnForce Risk Manager.

    • Disruption Ahead: Applying Machine Learning for High Speed Network Security

      Aug 23, 2016

      Traditional security tools are struggling to keep pace with the speed and volume of advanced, never-before-seen cyber threats hitting the network. Most compromises are detected first by third-parties, often months after an initial breach. Learn how a machine-learning solution can scan all network traffic at wire speed to detect, investigate and remediate advanced, “unknown” malware before damage is done.

    • Compliance with the Managing Government Records Directive - Part 2

      Aug 10, 2016

      This short webinar will review critical capabilities that will help you consolidate infrastructure, prune non-essential data and expand visibility into both production and archived data. It’s not just about managing records. It’s about alleviating IT burden and managing risk more effectively while reducing total cost of ownership.

    • A Practical Roadmap: Part 1

      Jul 19, 2016

      CIOs and records management stakeholders must keep their eyes on the ball as they race to comply with M-12-18. It’s not just about managing email. It’s about consolidating infrastructure, alleviating IT burden, and managing risk more effectively while reducing total cost of ownership.

    • Securing Hybrid Infrastructures

      Jun 28, 2016

      Do you lack full security visibility across hybrid infrastructures? Do you lack the capability to sufficiently protect the data center and the cloud? Do you have challenges identifying and blocking today’s advanced threats? In this webinar, you will learn how Intel Security provides customers security and visibility of workloads on- and off-premises through security solutions that 1.) Protect physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures 2.) Detect advanced targeted attacks, and 3.) Correct infected servers, storage, and networks. With centralized management, our customers improve visibility into their IT security posture for faster remediation and reporting to reduce risk and cost.

    • How to Mitigate Lateral Movement of Malicious Activity

      Jun 23, 2016

      Despite record setting spending in the security space, data breach numbers are exploding. Today's cyber security landscape demands that we look beyond breach prevention, focusing more of our efforts on mitigating access, early detection, and quick response times.


    • Mapping Enterprise Networks

      May 17, 2016

      In today's enterprise environments, IT administrators only know what they implemented themselves.  Due to distributed responsibilities among non-network administrators, often network maps are incomplete or non-existent.  Join SwishData and ImmixGroup as they host Wayne Lloyd from RedSeal to talk about techniques and methods to not only map out networks completely, but also find important security details about the network, even if it is not under Network Administrator control.

    • Mind the Gaps: Understanding the NCPS

      Apr 26, 2016

      Join this live Webinar to learn about the National Cyber Protection System (NCPS), current compliance issues, and what security issues remain after NCPS deployment.

    • Securing Hadoop: How to Secure PII, PCI and Sensitive Data Fields in Hortonworks

      Apr 21, 2016

      Learn about the nature of Hadoop and how Dataguise and Hortonworks can provide a complete solution to your Hadoop security requirements.

    • Cloud Computing Strategies with Plexxi

      Apr 15, 2016
      Cloud Computing

      Watch this webcast to discover why and how IT is moving to a cloud based services consumption model and more.

    • Puppet: Security and Compliance

      Apr 12, 2016

      Security breaches and the demand of regulatory policies make compliance and quickly addressing security vulnerabilities harder than ever before. Watch this webinar to learn to define and deploy policies across all systems, continuously monitor drift, gain visibility to prove compliance, and more.

    • Control Cloud Applications with Exinda

      Mar 22, 2016
      Cloud Computing

      When critical cloud applications don’t perform as expected, customers are left with poor Quality of Experience. Over 80% of negative UC experiences are due to poor network conditions. Exinda prioritizes critical cloud apps to ensure users receive the optimal performance needed to be productive and drive business success.

    • Sharing Information Seamlessly Through APIs

      Mar 8, 2016
      Big Data and Analytics

      Learn how you can position your agency for digital success, implement an API action plan, unlock the value of your digital assets, and more. 

    • Optimizing End Point Protection with Intel Security

      Feb 24, 2016

      Watch this webcast and come away with details on how you can speed detection and remediation response times with McAfee End Point Security, use Intel Security’s connected architecture to strengthen and accelerate the threat defense lifecycle, and more. 


    • Enabling Digital Transformation with MySQL

      Feb 18, 2016
      Cloud Computing

      Watch this webcast and you will learn how to improve database security, how to enhance the performance of  open source web applications, and more. 

    • Securely Archive Data in Today’s Federal Organization

      Jan 28, 2016

      Learn how your organization can easily and securely archive data, maintain regulatory compliance, and meet eDiscovery requirements. In under one hour get details on benefits with archiving in the cloud, eDiscovery, and more.

      • Understanding the File Analysis Market — Get Ready for Growth

        Nov 4, 2015
        Big Data and Analytics

        Watch this webcast and learn the importance of File Analysis in the future of IT, government client examples, and Acaveo's DEAL registration program.


        • How to Get the Most Out of Your Cyber Security Professionals’ Time

          Oct 22, 2015

          How much of a high value cyber security professional’s time is spent on activities that are not improving the security posture of the enterprise? How do federal agencies make sure the most important vulnerabilities, patches and remediations are focused on first?  


        • Simple, Easy & Flexible – Streamline Your Licensing and Permitting Process

          Oct 14, 2015
          Cloud Computing

          Watch this webcast and find out how Sofbang's solution can reduce lines, phone calls, and enhance constituent satisfaction.

        • Securing the Cloud

          Aug 26, 2015

          Join Aaron Faulkner, Chief Strategy Officer with InfoReliance Corporation and Bill Eckman Senior Account Representative, Defense Health Agency as they discuss the pitfalls to avoid and the key to securing your data as you transition to the cloud.

        • Debunking 4 Myths of Vulnerability Management

          Aug 20, 2015

          Join immixGroup and Secunia, Inc. for this interactive Webinar to to learn interesting data points that will help you make better informed decisions on your mitigation strategies.

        • Slashing Storage Costs in Half: 5 Essential Tips for Modern Data Storage

          Jun 23, 2015

          Slashing Storage Costs in Half: 5 Essential Tips for Modern Data Storage
          Discover how to meet your IT convergence initiatives and budget requirements while avoiding unnecessary storage costs and reducing expenses by more than half.

        • Significantly Increase Your FPDS-NG Productivity and Spend Analysis Intelligence

          May 7, 2015
          Big Data and Analytics

          As recognized global experts in government spend analysis and strategic sourcing, BravoSolution has found that many government agencies are faced with the challenging task of consolidating, cleansing and normalizing their spend data across many disparate source data systems. Learn more with this on-demand Webinar.

        • Breaking the Cyber Attack Kill Chain

          Apr 30, 2015

          With a constantly changing threat landscape how can we prevent, detect, and mitigate these advanced attacks? This on-demand Webinar lets gives you an understanding of how to address these advanced targeted attacks.

        • Got Big Data? Uncovering hidden insights within Big Content

          Apr 8, 2015
          Big Data and Analytics

          Join immixGroup and TIBCO in this on-demand Webinar to find out how Spotfire can help you derive contextual value and dig deeper beyond the norm to understand your data  – all without having to leave your desk.

        • Cyber Range: Better Defense, Better Training, Better Cybersecurity

          Mar 31, 2015

          Results show that testing new cyber technologies takes 10 to 20 times longer without a Cyber Range, yet the value of using a Cyber Range has not been fully realized by many Defense agencies due to slow adoption. Learn about how the value in training, technology utilization and maturing of process and procedures in a Cyber Range can increase efficiency and effectiveness of your resources.

        • Why You Need Cybersecurity Visibility, Automation, and Centralization

          Mar 26, 2015

          Let’s face it, there are better ways to close the security gaps that exist throughout our environments. CSG Invotas identifies three methods: radically altering our perception of our existing environments, getting a better view of your enterprise by rigorously monitoring interaction data for suspicious activity beyond known threats, and lastly segmenting your Security Visibility by zones based on predictable patterns to help fully utilize your new perspective while securing based on your business needs.

        • ABAC - The Convergence of API Security and Identity Management

          Mar 19, 2015

          As agencies and organizations increase access to services and applications, the need for access control and enforcement has become critical. This can be a challenging and complex task. In this webinar, you will learn how API gateway technology simplifies Role Based, Content Based, and Attribute Based Access Control to provide a secure, centralized point of enforcement.

        • Who’s On Your Network? Understanding Cloud Security

          Jan 12, 2015
          Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity

          Data center consolidation initiatives require several layers of security and hypervisor-level protection is critical for context awareness. These software-based solutions can enable rapid and secure workload deployments when properly configured for NIST.

        • Vulnerability Management & Insider Threats from a Government Hacker’s Perspective with Marc Maiffret

          Aug 26, 2014

          Government agencies are confronting a threat landscape which is increasing in complexity and sophistication. Vulnerability assessment tools play a critical role in protecting the network from internal and external threats. Leverage expertise, and learn about advanced vulnerability management capabilities to combat insider threats during this on-demand Webinar.

        • Are You JIE Ready?

          Aug 21, 2014

          Join RedSeal’s Webinar to explore best practices in network analysis and visualization to prepare for JIE.

        • Intel Security Network Defenses for the Department of Energy

          Jul 16, 2014

          As the cyber security landscape changes and advanced malware continues to evolve, more of the focus today is on network vulnerability. Learn more about these network vulnerabilities and discover how this solution can enable your agency today.

        • Advanced Threat Defense: Finding and Mitigating Malware

          Jun 17, 2014

          Join Intel Security's Engineer, Mac Sheehan, for an interactive Webinar addressing the three key requirements to solving today's advanced malware problem: find, fix, and freeze.

        • Ethernet Fabrics: Networks for Virtualized Government Environments

          May 28, 2014
          Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure

          This Webinar covers the challenges of networking in highly virtualized data centers, systems, and clouds, and the advantages of fabric technology.

        • Dramatically Simplify Your Oracle Database Operations

          May 21, 2014
          Business and Operations, IT Infrastructure

          Virtualizing Oracle databases enables provisioning databases faster, to deliver better availability and lower costs. But the complexity and cost of creating the best storage environment to support this architecture has been daunting—until now. This Webinar demonstrates how databases run better on Pure Storage.

        • Enterprise Mobility Management: Delivering Government’s Mission on the Go

          May 6, 2014

          The government is transitioning from a legacy mobile environment to one that captures the emergence of smart phone and tablet technologies to support agency missions. This new mobile ecosystem includes the wireless carriers, the devices, security/monitoring tools, and the management of the lifecycle and expenses associated with the components of this mobile ecosystem. FedInsider has brought to the table government stakeholders to discuss agency plans for implementing new ways to achieve cost savings and innovation through mobility.

        • End-to-end process improvement changes the game in your favor

          May 1, 2014
          Business and Operations

          Government agencies are driven by sometimes opposing goals. In a resource-constrained environment how can you improve productivity and enhance the quality of data-dependent decisions? Is your documentation up to date? Is it a reliable, single source of truth for process management? View this recording to find out how government agencies are now able to implement standardized, streamlined IT systems.

        • Improving Cybersecurity and Resilience Through CDM

          Apr 8, 2014

          Join FedInsider in this quarterly emerging technologies series to hear from government leaders about their view of 2014 and beyond.

        • Take back control – make the network work for you

          Apr 3, 2014

          This on-demand Webinar by Palo Alto Networks and NetScout Systems will show you how to ensure you have the protection and control you need against the latest threats.

        • The Future of Federal Networks is Software-based

          Mar 26, 2014
          Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure

          View this on-demand Webinar focused on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technologies.

        • Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation: Getting Started

          Mar 20, 2014

          In any comprehensive cyber security program, Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) is the fundamental building block and core practice for satisfying FISMA requirements by agencies and government contractors. CDM facilitates, in real-time or near real-time, insights into the organization’s network health and security situation.

        • Federal Cybersecurity Update: Managing Information Security Risk Through CDM Continuous Monitoring as a Service

          Mar 19, 2014

          Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) has become essential as attacks on federal networks have become increasingly sophisticated, aggressive, and persistent.

        • Navigate the CDM Process and Preview Upcoming Program Phases

          Mar 18, 2014

          DHS' Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program is an unprecedented opportunity for agencies to fortify federal computer networks and systems cybersecurity. Recently, John Streufert, DHS Director of Federal Network Resilience and leading voice of the CDM movement, participated in a Webinar with McAfee, a premier government CDM and cyber security solution supplier.

        • Increasing Your Success with RightNow CX

          Mar 13, 2014

          As with other SaaS CRM applications, RightNow CX customers often underestimate the need for post-implementation support resources.  Overcoming this issue is key to achieving your business objectives and avoiding the risk of a failed deployment.

        • Unusual Suspects: Fighting the Invisible Enemy Part II

          Mar 12, 2014
          Big Data and Analytics, Business and Operations, Cybersecurity

          This invaluable Webinar series reveals new ways to combat cybercrime using TIBCO StreamBase LiveView®. Utilize a real-time analytics platform with live, streaming data to visualize information in motion and expose cyber criminals. Transform your ability to identify and combat fraudulent activity.

        • Encryption for the Next Generation Endpoint: Webinar for DOD

          Feb 20, 2014

          Join McAfee’s DOD Senior Security Engineer, Nicholas Clark, for an interactive Webinar to review DAR solutions and how they should work in the DOD environment.

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