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    InQuest hails from the public sector and provides a cloud-assisted network-based threat and data loss mitigation solution. The platform leverages the team's extensive knowledge of real-world malware campaigns and employs a variety of patented techniques to detect and/or prevent elusive attack methodologies that would otherwise go unnoticed.

    InQuest focuses its scrutiny to identify, process and inspect files downloaded over the web or received via email to detect malicious code in-transit. Innovative post-processing techniques are applied to live monitored network traffic providing insights into even the most creative combinations of obfuscation.The InQuest platform empowers its users by providing them with the ability to create and apply custom signature definitions which run with the same performance and analytics benefits as the rest of the platform. InQuest augments its cataloguing, trending and reporting capabilities with SIEM integration.

    Our platform maps embedded content to network sessions, providing a seamless view into the last step malware took in gaining entrance into your network. This allows your analysts to pivot, investigate and react to various forms of client-side attacks.

    The InQuest Labs team works with real-world, high profile networks on a daily basis and draws influences from actual attacks to publish new signatures and intelligence feeds on a weekly basis.

    This emerging information regarding both malicious content and sources are weighed in combination with the results of the InQuest engine and any active integrations to produce a single, intelligently weighted and digestible threat score purposed towards guiding the focus of your SOC teams.

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