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  • COTS Software Solutions Expressly Designed to Solve Complex, Market-specific Challenges

    immixGroup leverages our wide-ranging experience supporting law enforcement (LE) and physical access management communities to develop commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software products to improve capabilities and support critical missions. These specialized solutions help investigators, prosecutors, and airport security professionals accomplish their missions more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

    iCrITT™ – Supporting Law Enforcement's Online Investigations

    immixGroup’s Criminal Investigative Tracking Tool (iCrITT) is a unique software product allowing investigators to reduce duplication of efforts and increase caseload efficiency to combat cyber criminals more effectively.

    iCrITT empowers investigators through improved:

    • Deconfliction – decreasing duplication of efforts
    • Data management - enhancing data tracking and efficiencies
    • Collaboration – regardless of the hardware, software, agency, or jurisdiction
    • Analysis – importing, organizing, analyzing, sharing, and searching information

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    BadgEze™ – Comprehensive Identity Management System for Security Badge Offices

    BadgEze is a proprietary badge credentialing software application utilizing advanced web-based technologies to manage and process badging information for enhanced access control. It is process and workflow-driven, providing a centralized database to collect, monitor, interpret, and manage data in the most efficient manner possible and seamlessly integrates with most hardware access systems.

    BadgEze credentialing software:

    • Improves efficiencies
    • Minimizes human error
    • Offers seamless integration
    • Delivers modular design flexibility

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