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    Lastline’s Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform detects and contains sophisticated threats before they disrupt your federal, local, or state organization, on premises and in the cloud. We deliver the industry’s most accurate detection and visibility of network-based threats as they attempt to enter or move laterally across your network.

    Lastline’s unmatched accuracy stops zero-day threats and single-use variations of existing threats that are engineered to evade detection by other technologies. The Lastline NDR platform includes three complementary AI-powered technologies to detect and respond to the advanced threats that other tools miss:  

    • Behavioral analysis of malicious content attempting to enter network via web, email, or file transfers
    • Intrusion detection/prevention (IDPS) to detect known threats
    • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) to detect lateral movement of evasive threats already inside your network 

    This unique combination gives your incident response team complete visibility into all activity associated with every stage of the attack chain, and eliminates most false positives. You can respond faster and more effectively, with fewer resources.

    Accelerate and simplify your incident response workflows with automated response with the Lastline platform or integration with over 100 leading security companies. More than 20 million users across tens of thousands of networks rely on Lastline for protection from advanced cyber threats.  Visit www.lastline.com to learn more.

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