• FedRAMP Authorization with OnRAMP

    OnRAMP is turnkey program that provides a faster and more cost-effective path for software companies to achieve FedRAMP authorization for cloud applications. Offered exclusively by immixGroup and ORock Technologies the OnRAMP program reduces the time, cost and complexity of achieving FedRAMP authorization and enables software companies to earn their own product listing on the FedRAMP Marketplace website without investing years and millions of dollars.

  • Available exclusively through immixGroup, this accelerated, turnkey program significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity of achieving FedRAMP authorization. Experts from immixGroup and ORock help oversee and manage every component of the process from project management to compliance, technical support and more.

    • Through OnRAMP you can:
    • Get listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace faster
    • Spend less on the authorization process
    • Achieve full compliance while reducing complexity and risk
    • Gain a competitive market advantage
    • Meet customer demand for compliant SaaS applications

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    FedRAMP Authorization Program Overview

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