• Financial Solutions to Win Deals

    immixGroup offers multiple financial solutions ranging from lines of credit to escrow accounts that allow you and your Channel partners to maximize your financial capabilities in an effort to win deals. It's one of the benefits we're able to offer now that we're part of Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 119 company.

    Suppliers and channel partners have access to multiple financial solutions:

    • Net Terms/Prompt Pay Discounts: Extends a certain amount of credit to a partner for a set amount of days. The dollar amount and time frame vary depending on deal logistics and the financial profile of the opportunity.
    • Escrow/Lockbox: The government customer pays into an escrow account and the bank distributes the appropriate funds between the partner and immixGroup.
    • Public Sector Financing: Allows the government to procure IT when it doesn’t have capital equipment dollars (CapEx) or funds available to make a purchase up front. immixGroup utilizes financial institutions familiar with government procurement.
    • FlexPricing: Government agencies buy the right to use hardware/software configurations, where equipment is added or deleted based on monthly demand from the end user.

    Financial Solution Main Benefit
    Net Terms/Prompt Pay Discounts Simplest and most commonly-used
    Escrow/Lockbox Works well for resellers that don’t have a sufficient line of credit
    Public Sector Financing Similar to leasing a car rather than buying it
    FlexPricing Consumption-based program that allows monthly rates to fluctuate based on demand

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