• Renew Results: Predict Your Renewals Business

    Since the public sector procurement process is so complex and unpredictable, it is often difficult for those not focused on the public sector to accurately forecast revenue recognition.

    immixGroup’s proven proactive processes accurately forecast opportunities and predict revenue. This allows you to focus on other initiatives instead of managing the ins and outs of an administration intensive public sector renewals pipeline.

    Key Performance Indicator-Driven Process

    immixGroup utilizes a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)-driven process to measure the health of your business. We enable you to see your total revenue opportunity and understand what is driving growth, how you are performing, and what your customers are saying.

    These processes and reports ensure you always know where your revenue is coming from and when you will see it. We provide your entire team–from sales representatives to the CFO–with visibility into your business. immixGroup is able to show the year-over-year, quarter-over-quarter, and month-over-month historical data to accurately forecast and grow your business.

    You also receive information on industry standards and trends that you can leverage to make intelligent business decisions. In addition, the KPIs give you insight into your reseller partners’ performance, arming you with the information you need improve your channel.

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