• Renew Results: Protect Your Revenue Stream

    Protecting your install base, which is a reliable source of revenue, is critical to your business success. Without an effective program in place, you can easily lose opportunities to competitors. Trust immixGroup to preserve your install base business through our proactive sales process and custom-built systems.

    Proactive Sales Process

    immixGroup has dedicated account teams with extensive government contract experience and relationships with thousands of procurement officials and end users. In order to better qualify opportunities, give insight into the state of your business, and execute successful campaigns to uncover new license leads, we intelligently manage the lifecycle of your customer.

    Your account team will:

    • Undergo extensive training on your products
    • Develop a tailored install base business plan
    • Drive demand through sales activities
    • Provide quoting, order processing, legal review, and extensive operational support
    • Supply complex deal support
    • Create detailed forecasts and reports

    Custom-Built Systems

    immixGroup offers a customized system to support your install base and ensures we will not miss opportunities.

    All of the data supporting your business, including unique customer identification information, deal history, contact information, and pricing, is stored in our systems and can easily be reported back to your team. We ensure that the data in our system is accurate thus eliminating the cycles needed to precisely forecast your total opportunity.

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