• Actionable Information to Accelerate the Sales Cycle

    immixGroup provides market intelligence services to IT vendors and channel partners to help grow their public sector business. The market for technology companies that sell to the government is tremendous but more challenging than ever. Changing rules and regulations, shifting priorities and new acquisition methods are among the many hurdles companies face when doing business with the government. 

  • immixGroup’s Market Intelligence team is made up of experienced public sector analysts and consultants who can provide your organization with actionable insights to win more business in federal, state and local government, and educational institutions (SLED). 

    We offer a diverse portfolio of deliverables, including:

    Briefings on agencies, programs and technology categories

    Organization charts and call lists

    Custom research and consulting projects

    Pipeline development initiatives

    Opportunity identification

    Unlike traditional market research firms, immixGroup’s Market Intelligence team focuses exclusively on IT hardware and software manufacturers and their channel partners. We equip your sales, marketing and channel teams with in-depth research to understand which government programs have funding and the best contacts within those programs with authority — ultimately helping companies accelerate their sales cycles. 


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