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    Graphic - 20/20 AnalysisThe government is a challenging and complex market to grow your sales footprint. Fewer resources make accelerating your sales cycle an uphill battle. Competition is aiming to outmaneuver you on every sales effort. Lowest price technically acceptable is the new normal. As a senior leader - to best navigate the government market - you need 20/20 vision of your market size and opportunity, which is why immixGroup has designed the 20/20 analysis.

    What is 20/20 Analysis?

    immixGroup's 20/20 Analysis accelerates your public sector sales by providing visibility into your organization's total addressable market, competitive contract opportunities, and targeted sales activities to enable deeper penetration of customer accounts.

    Pulling from qualitative and quantitative research, the 20/20 Analysis can help your sales teams extract actionable intelligence to perform better and achieve measurable results where it counts.

    1. Market Sizing provides an all-encompassing view of your total addressable market to strategically allocate resources.
    2. Contract Mapping analyzes government spend data to uncover competitive landscapes and disruptive market opportunities.
    3. Sales Action Plan delivers verified decision makers associated with expiring contracts to increase pipeline productivity.

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    • immixGroup's 20/20 Analysis report helped us understand the footprint of federal data centers and provided us with actionable information and tactical sales activities so we could have productive conversations with key stakeholders and decision-makers about modern New IP networks.

      Anthony Robbins, VP of Federal

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