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    Since 1997, immixGroup has been committed to providing technology solutions to help state, local and education (SLED) entities address their complex requirements to ensure that they meet the needs of their constituents. The SLED Support Center (SSC) is designed to provide the critical resources necessary for vendors to expand their network of partners to successfully grow their SLED business. immixGroup’s team of experts understands the nuances of this market and can help you navigate it successfully.


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    Contract Management as a Service (CMaaS)

    Contract Management as a Service alleviates the administrative burden of government contracting. There are significant reporting requirements for you to navigate for your government contract. With our expertise in SLED and contracting, we can help you fulfill all requirements under the contract, including MWBE goal reporting. Find out more about Contract Management as a Service.

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    Sales – Dedicated, in-territory sales experts who can assist you in understanding the market, end-user requirements and how to ensure a smooth order and delivery process.
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    SLED Compliance – Legal and compliance professionals who are familiar with the requirements of doing business with this market and can provide assistance in negotiating terms and conditions on behalf of our suppliers and partners.
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    Contracts – We manage and are constantly expanding our broad portfolio of SLED contracts to provide more opportunities for our suppliers and partners to access this marketplace.
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    Partners – We work with nearly 1,000 active SLED partners who we help match up with our suppliers and negotiate arrangements that are mutually beneficial to all parties.  
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    Marketing – Our broad portfolio of marketing services enables suppliers and partners to reach their target markets more effectively, through events, webinars, social media outreach and digital marketing.
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    Market Intelligence – Skilled analysts do ongoing research to understand what drives end-user IT decisions which is shared with partners and suppliers so they can target their efforts more efficiently.
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    Engineering – Access to our labs for custom configuration and testing as well as deployment and implementation assistance limits risk to end-users.
     SLED - revenue mgmt icon Revenue Management – Flexible financing options allow partners and suppliers to meet the unique purchasing requirements of government.


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