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    immixGroup is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Electronics and focuses exclusively on federal, state, local and education governmental entities.

    SLED refers to state, local and education entities. immixGroup supports suppliers and partners across the entire U.S. SLED market, which encompasses more than 90,000 government organizations

    • States
    • Counties / Boroughs / Parishes
    • Cities / Municipalities / Towns
    • K-12 School Districts
    • Universities / Colleges
    • Special Districts
    More than $100B annually is spent on information technology by SLED organizations. Opportunities in this market are plentiful, from helping agencies deploy cloud solutions to delivering improved security. Reach out to your supplier manager or channel development manager to set up a meeting with our Market Intelligence team to help develop a targeted go-to-market strategy.
    SLED organizations receive funds from the federal government in the form of statutory funds for programs like Medicaid and education, grant funds and in some instances stimulus payments. Federal funds received offer IT opportunities for suppliers and partners. Each organization will track and utilize these funds differently. There are many free resources available from the federal government like www.grants.gov to track upcoming grant opportunities or www.usaspending.gov to see where grant funds were awarded.
    Each of the more 90,000 government organizations that make up the SLED market has unique buying regulations and preferences. In general, SLED organizations will prefer competitively bid contracts, be those state issued or cooperative contracts. Typically, preferences and regulations are published on each government’s procurement website in their procurement manuals. If you need assistance in researching your customer’s buying preferences, our Market Intelligence team can help. Please reach out to your supplier manager or channel development manager to learn more.
    The General Services Administration (GSA) has made GSA Schedule 70 available to all SLED organizations through cooperative purchasing. Each individual entity can decide whether they would like to participate in using those GSA Schedule 70 contracts. We can help you research your customer to determine whether they use GSA Schedule 70 contracts.
    immixGroup currently holds more than 30 SLED organizations contracts. Details and a complete list of our SLED contracts can be viewed here.
    Many of our contracts do permit new products to be added post-award and each will have unique requirements on how this can be done. Browse our SLED contracts here to see which contracts are open to new product additions. Your immixGroup supplier manager can help you navigate the process and complete any necessary paperwork.
    Many of our contracts do allow partners and resellers to be added, however, not all do. Each contract has unique terms and conditions. Contact the immixGroup Channel Development team for assistance in leveraging immixGroup contracts.
    Channel partners report sales through the POS Portal, accessible from the immixGroup Partner homepage menu bar. If you need help accessing or utilizing this tool, please reach out to POSreports@immixgroup.com.
    Many immixGroup contracts do have a fee, which will vary depending on the contract. Fees are typically built into the extended price listed on the contract. A partner who is authorized under the contract is required to report sales through the POS Portal. An invoice will then be generated each month for the fees based on reported sales.
    We are constantly examining the market to identify new contract opportunities. While not published, we do maintain a list of potential contract releases we are following. When a contract opportunity has been identified, your supplier manager will reach out to you regarding participation. If you would like to learn more about what we are following, please reach out to your supplier manager or channel development manager.
    Arrow and immixGroup have a vast network for partners with coverage at the national and regional levels. Local and regional partners are often preferred in the SLED market because of their impact on local economies. If you are looking for assistance in finding a partner for a certain state, you supplier manager and the Channel Development team can help you identify the right partner for you.
    immixGroup works with more than 1,000 partners in public sector space. Reseller partners do often hold their own contracts in addition to leveraging immixGroup-held contracts. Our Channel Development team can assist your team in learning which contracts our partners hold and how you can leverage them.

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    • I am privileged to have worked with immixGroup throughout my entire career in the Public Sector IT industry. As a Federal Channel Manager for two of the largest IT manufacturers in the industry, immixGroup has given me tools that I need to get my business done. immixGroup’s strategic sales support coupled with their organizational efficiencies make them an integral member of my team. They are the key to success in the public sector market place.

      Chris Novello, Federal Channel Manager for Civ/Intel


    • It has been a true pleasure to work with the immixGroup team. A true testament of a dedicated business partner is the consistency behind values and customer satisfaction. immixGroup continues to surpass each of those fields, delighting each client they work with. I look forward to much success with the immixGroup team in the near future.

      Michael Barnes, Software Client Leader, Public Sector, Healthcare


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