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    Quickly gain the protective power of Zero Trust with ON2IT’s Zero Trust as a Service. ON2IT delivers a new approach to managed cybersecurity services, built on Zero Trust, designed for prevention and coupled with 24/7/365 eyes-on-glass support from our team of seasoned cybersecurity analysts. ON2IT serves as your Security Operations Center to:
    Protect and Defend:
    • Controls Management: Controls (Instrument, Measures, Policy, Best Practices)
    • Protect Surface Management: DAAS segmentation and Kipling Method Policies
    Investigate and Resolve:
    • Event Management: Security Orchestration with 99.999% Automated Resolution
    • Incident Management: True/False Positive Handling; Incident Response Forensics and
    • Countermeasures 
    Improve and Report:
    • Improvement Management: Security Improvement Advisories (Controls & Zero Trust)
    • Compliance Management: Real Time Dashboarding and Service and Compliance
    • Reporting
    ON2IT safeguards your environment with their proven Zero Trust Strategy.

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