• Grow Your Business with the Government

    Are your sales efforts slowed by too many administrative burdens? Need access to specific contracts requested by your government customers? Want additional resources to generate and qualify leads? Looking for a partner that understands this market and can help you grow?

    immixGroup's Channels Program implements flexible, growth-oriented channel development programs that help more than 350 hardware and software companies and their partners increase the productivity of their public sector channels.

  • Collaborative, Non-Competitive Approach

    immixGroup's business is done in conjunction with 1,200+ channel partners. So our approach to working with partners is built on a simple premise: we don't succeed unless you do. We work closely with our manufacturers to understand how we can help their channel partners win more business and reduce risk. That includes generating leads on your behalf and providing the resources you need to close them quickly and efficiently while maintaining compliance with complex acquisition regulations. And to earn your trust, we've built an extensive program to protect partner information, ensure timely communication and make it as easy as possible to work with us.

    Resources to Generate New Business

    immixGroup® can supplement your existing public sector resources with specialized capabilities and experienced professionals to make your sales team more effective. These include:

    • Market intelligence and analysis to identify sales opportunities
    • Joint government marketing and sales activities to generate leads for your team
    • Targeted lead generation activities
    • Networking events to build or strengthen relationships
    • Deal support and help with complex contract negotiations
    • Wide variety of credit options
    • Access to immixGroup's contracts, manufacturers and other partner relationships
    • Government-specific training and development to improve the effectiveness of your sales reps

    Contact Us

    Contact us today to learn more about immixGroup's Partnerships and Alliances program.

  • Adam Deane describes immixGroup’s portfolio of IT manufacturers that allows GovSmart to extend the best pricing to its government customers.

    Bill Layman recommends working with immixGroup 100%. He points out specific ways immixGroup has helped Xentit grow its business.

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    John Holman describes how immixGroup has helped Pax Advisory identify and better meet the needs of its DOD and civilian customers.

    Lance Lorenz describes how SHI International’s strategic relationship with immixGroup has helped its sales team become more effective and position itself over its competitors.

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    Ross May explains how immixGroup helps Silvereye Technologies save time and resources while providing access to a full range of products.

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    Sam Omar talks about some of the factors that differentiate immixGroup from its competitors, like its deep understanding of IT budget trends.

    Zack Orchant talks about how immixGroup’s Market Intelligence briefings provide CDW-G with valuable information on key IT programs within civilian agencies.

    Simone Feldman talks about how immixGroup's channel development differentiates them from other IT distributors.

    Don Straley describes how his partnership with immixGroup has been instrumental to driving sales efforts.

    Sheryl Dunlap explains why her long-standing collaboration with immixGroup has been pivotal to her success in the government market.

  • Testimonials

    • immixGroup is such a smart, efficient, and driven organization… My personal experiences with them have always been fantastic: quick turnarounds for quotes and requests, incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff, people who know the ins and out of how the government does business, and employees eager to help with just about anything, including our most recent charity golf tournament! I’m so thankful to have immixGroup in my professional life.

      Kara Tomak, Dell Alliance Director


    • Working with immixGroup over the last few years, I’ve realized how valuable they are to us as a business partner. They have worked with us on multiple occasions to help our customers and maintain one of the highest levels of professionalism I’ve experienced with a distribution partner. They are truly a valuable asset to our line of business and we appreciate not only what they offer, but how they operate. I highly recommend immixGroup.

      Robert Scott Hall, Owner

      Horizon Systems, LLC

    • As a Value-Added Reseller, it is often to difficult to find a vendor/manufacturer partner who’s strategic approach is similar to ours. immixGroup has been a pleasant exception to that rule. Courteous, educated, and prompt responses combined with numerous training and marketing opportunities to make immixGroup a trusted business partner. Their vast array of contract vehicles is also a key component to immixGroup’s value add. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the support and partnership being offered.

      Eric Bealmear, Sales Manager

      En-Net Services

    • We have found immixGroup to be an extremely beneficial business partner, and we work with them on an ongoing basis utilizing their contract vehicles and working collaboratively with them to find cost effective solutions for government buyers to purchase goods and services. We have experience with them in their EC Americas schedule and on the SEWP IV Contract, and have had nothing but positive results. Team immixGroup is full of quality people that are responsive, easy to work with, and bring value.

      DOD Account Manager

      Futron Incorporated

    • My relationship with immixGroup is pivotal in our success so far. immixGroup has been a long time partner of ours ever since we opened our doors and they really help us get connected with the industry partners out there as well as with some of their customers.

      Sheryl Dunlap, COO and Co-founder

      Empower Solutions

    • When we go out and develop opportunities and we look for a channel to facilitate the orders, partnering with immixGroup has been instrumental in getting deals closed.

      Don Straley, Executive Director


    • immixGroup is the best organization of its kind doing business in the Public Sector arena. I've worked closely with and have several Clients that are currently part of immixGroup's team of Partners. Their special "networking" sessions and great government/industry overviews of different market segments are second to none. I would recommend immixGroup to anyone either starting out or seasoned in the government space!

      Barbara Ellen Bridges, Founder & President

      PAR Excellence

    • I attended the immixGroup webinar entitled Sequestration and Federal Budget Update. The time spent on this webinar was well worth it. The presentation was timely, full of relevant content and provided a sound historical background of events leading up to the issues we are facing today. Well done immixGroup!

      Hilary Gentile, Federal Strategic Program Manager

      Technology Integration Group

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