• Customized Programs to Grow Your Business

    We design our channel development programs to meet the unique needs of each manufacturer and its channel partners. Each program is built on one of the following business models and further customized at the manufacturer's request to ensure neutrality and efficiency throughout the channel:

    Contract-Specific Programs

    Leverage our GSA schedules, SEWP, and NETCENTS-2 contracts, or others as a sales agent, either through teaming or a participating dealer arrangement. Sourcing occurs through the manufacturer's commercial sources. immixGroup® will not take orders from the government unless directed to do so by the manufacturer.

    Aggregation Programs

    Under our unique Government Aggregation Program, immixGroup serves as a centralized, neutral aggregation point for all sales into the public sector. Orders are sourced through immixGroup either as the sole source of supply or as a portal to an existing distributor at the direction of the manufacturer.

    Regardless of the model used, our goal is the same: to provide you with access to our contracts and value-added resources to grow your business while minimizing administrative hassles, mitigating risk, and giving the manufacturer greater insight into channel activities.

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