• Do you hold a government contract? We have you covered.

    Through our Contract Management as a Service offering, immixGroup acts as the administrator of the government contracts you own. We know the ins and outs of government contracting procedures. immixGroup is rooted in contract management; that’s how our business started. Now more than 25 years later, we have acquired a wealth of government contracting expertise and practical experience. You will rest assured that your contract is in good hands. 
    Navigate the complexities of SLED contracts

    We are subject matter experts in contract management, and we do it every day. As a distributor, we sit in the middle of the channel, and this gives us unique visibility into critical sales data that you may not be able to access. As the administrator on your contract, we help ensure you remain compliant and stay up to date with all the relevant contract fees.

     There are significant reporting requirements to navigate when it comes to government contracts. With our expertise in SLED and contracting, we will ensure that all the requirements under the contract are fulfilled, including MWBE goal reporting.

    Visibility to channel activity
    • No tedious spreadsheets. Eliminate the need for tracking quotes and routing them from manufacturer to contract shop. 
    • No delayed or missed payments. Reduce the potential for any gaps in payment processing and accelerate processing times. 
    • No nonsense. Remove the burden of administrative tasks associated with contract management that are time consuming and a drain on your resources.
    How it works

    immixGroup does not have to be your distributor to handle your contracts. Contract Management as a Service comes in two convenient models, depending on your relationship with us:
    1. Distribution. As your distributor, immixGroup remains in the deal flow. You will be invoiced quarterly and we collect margin on any deal that runs through the contract.
    2. Non-Distribution. immixGroup is not serving as your distributor or reseller in this model. We are purely managing your government contracts, so you don’t have to. You will be invoiced quarterly for contract management. 
    Available services

    We offer a range of contract management services and can customize our approach based on your needs: 
    • Channel partner reporting management
    • Remittance activities
    • Price list updates
    • Contract compliance activities
    • Bid desk management
    • Contract utilization strategies
    • Access to market intelligence and lead generation support
    Make selling to the government a little easier. Offload your contract management to immixGroup. Let’s talk. 
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