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    Financial Solutions to Win Deals

    immixGroup offers a wide range of financial solutions that allow channel partners to maximize their financial capabilities and close public sector business opportunities.

    With our deep knowledge of government procurement rules and regulations, we help agencies bridge budgetary funding cycles and access flexible financial solutions to acquire the IT solutions they need, when they need them.

    Innovative Funding Options
    • Lifecycle financing (design, build, maintain)
    • On-prem/off-prem financing solutions

    Flexible Payment Terms
    • Deferred first payment
    • Extended payment terms
    • Government-compliant terms and conditions
      • FAR compliant
      • Non-appropriation and cancel for convenience
      • GSA Contract
    Complex Deal Structuring
    • 0% financing options
    • Tax-exempt leasing 
    • Bridging gap between asset needs and available funding

    Ease of Doing Business
    • Simplified process
    • Knowledge of the channel and federal financing 
    • Quick turnaround
    • Focused resources 

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