• Meetings & Leads for Your Sales Organization

    immixGroup takes a different approach to lead generation than many others in our industry. Our goal is to set meetings with qualified leads as quickly as possible on your behalf and we do this with you around a specific joint manufacturer client. We can work with immixGroup, 3rd party, or client and partner lists.

  • We don’t think you can achieve the goal by simply making more cold calls to unqualified names on a list. It’s an inefficient process that results in wasted time and unqualified leads. Worse, it drives away potential customers who perceive it as a waste of their time.

    Our approach is based on our own “Smart Lead Generation” methodology:

    • Highly-trained callers that act as an extension of your sales force
    • Market Intelligence data to arm those callers with actionable information for improved call outcomes
    • Targeted call lists enhanced by Market Intelligence research, previous buyer behavior, and external list sources
    • Scalable systems and processes to ensure consistent, repeatable execution of call campaigns with end-to-end reporting and integrated security to protect your sensitive data
    • A dedicated Install Base Practice to identify new license sales opportunities from existing customers

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    Stop wasting valuable time pursuing prospects with no authority, interest, or budget for your products. Contact us today to improve your public sector lead generation efforts.