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    PTC, Inc. (Nasdaq: PTC) enables manufacturers and owner/operators like the DoD to achieve sustained product and service advantage in the age of the Internet of Things. The company's technology solutions transform the way products are created and utilized across the entire lifecycle - from conception and design to sourcing and service.

    PTC software platforms and best practices for implementation enable the digital assets associated with a physical product…electrical, mechanical, software, requirements, CAD files, repair procedures, spares, etc…to be created, stored and updated in one system, then accessed by support personnel who are servicing the equipment in the field.

    The advantage for the private sector is competitive edge and efficiency, but this capability has also had a major impact on cost savings for acquisition and sustainment in the DoD. All told, PTC saves the DoD about $250M+ per year in direct cost savings. PTC has about 5,000 users in the Navy, 22,000 in the Army and 4,000 in Dept of Energy.

    Founded in 1985, PTC employs over 6,000 professionals serving more than 27,000 businesses in rapidly-evolving, globally distributed manufacturing industries worldwide. Get more information at www.ptc.com.

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