• A Geospatial Approach to Cyber Situational Awareness

    39:58 | Recorded on Nov 13, 2014 | Cybersecurity

    Esri cyber lead Ken Stoni will:

    • Discuss re-conceptualizing cyberspace as dataflows and implementing the concept in GIS software. This could allow organizations to create smart segmentation against which cyber and non-cyber data can be applied and high-quality response decisions can be made.
    • Show a prototype cyber common operational picture built from the Esri and RedSeal technologies.
    • Highlight how the geospatial approach can enhance traditional IT decision-making.

      RedSeal will demonstrate how to:

    • Automatically generate IT Network Topologies from layer 3 device configuration files.
    • Use the topology and the results of vulnerability scanning software to determine the reach of each compromised host.
    • Allow computer security teams to organize their work based on the damage that could be caused by each compromised host; it’s a risk-based approach to resource prioritization.


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