• Are You JIE Ready?

    22:28 | Recorded on Aug 21, 2014 | Cybersecurity

    JIE is focused on saving billions in DOD infrastructure costs while building a more secure, higher speed network that is both agile and enabling to support the DOD’s mission.

    To affect the promised cost savings, agencies must first understand what exists in their complex legacy network infrastructure. Once that baseline is established, only then can they efficiently and securely remove redundant network and security components and recognize cost savings.

    Join RedSeal’s Webinar to explore best practices in network analysis and visualization to prepare for JIE and learn:

    • Model and visualize the current state of your complex legacy networks and security infrastructure including calculating every possible internal and external attack path
    • Ensure defense in depth with tiers/enclaves are efficient and effective
    • Quantify cost savings as legacy infrastructure is eliminated
    • Visualize the completed JIE infrastructure before migration even begins
    • Create artifacts for JIE ATO and IA certifications

    Brandon Hoffman, Federal CTO, RedSeal Networks   

    • 15 years of experience in information technology with a strong focus in security.
    • Adjunct professor of information security in undergraduate and graduate programs at Northwestern University.


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