• Cloud Computing Strategies with Plexxi

    | Recorded on Apr 15, 2016 | Cloud Computing

    An effective cloud-first strategy includes both public and private clouds where Cloud Builders are evaluating and implementing new tools in new ways. Application and data requirements must be satisfied from the perspective of organizational outcomes, not static technology silos (servers, storage arrays, and switches). Application, compute and storage capabilities have rapidly evolved, yet the network has remained unchanged for decades. To reducing cost, improve security and increase agility, next generation networking must be aware of and integrate with data, applications, and storage. 

    Watch this webcast and you will learn:


    • Why, and how, IT is moving to a cloud-based services consumption model. 
    • How next generation networks deliver security, agility, and lower cost
    • The importance of the "Cloud Builder" (a rapidly growing IT role)
    • When and how to leverage three different cloud deployment scenarios 
    • Real-world use case examples for public and private cloud deployments 



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