• Compliance with the Managing Government Records Directive - Part 2

    | Recorded on Aug 10, 2016

    In part one we discussed federal agencies automating email records compliance via Capstone and content-based email management, while controlling cost and IT burden. In part two, we will discuss applying the principles of unified data management beyond email  to all high-value, high-risk information within your organization. 

    This short webinar will review critical capabilities that will help you consolidate infrastructure, prune non-essential data and expand visibility into both production and archived data. It’s not just about managing records. It’s about alleviating IT burden and managing risk more effectively while reducing total cost of ownership.

    Don't miss part 2 of this series where we'll talk more about:

    • The benefits of a comprehensive data platform approach vs. multiple point solutions
    • Employing proactive preservation to have most or all electronically stored information (ESI) at your fingertips at the onset of a discovery order, investigation or formal inquiry – not just the archived records data
    • Controlling the cost of long-term retention, including the use of Cloud storage where appropriate




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