• Dramatically Simplify Your Oracle Database Operations

    40:00 | Recorded on May 21, 2014 | Business and Operations, IT Infrastructure

    Virtualizing Oracle databases enables provisioning databases faster, to deliver better availability and lower costs. But the complexity and cost of creating the best storage environment to support this architecture has been daunting—until now.

    This Webinar demonstrates how databases run better on Pure Storage:

    • Facilitate consistent sub-millisecond latency
      • Enable whole new designs for your application architecture
      • Never experience slow spindles again
    • Scale up for server reduction yet higher performance
      • Never experience slow spindles again
      • Reduce server hardware requirements, DRAM and database software licensing
    • Enjoy dynamic workload mixing
      • Handle production, analytics, dev/testing and backup with the same storage array
    • Compress/encrypt in storage, NOT the database
      • Achieve higher performance, higher data reduction
      • Employ one strategy for all applications
    • Take advantage of all flash for the cost of traditional disk
      • Storage designed for 100% flash, powered by the Purity Operating Environment

    IT budgets are flat. Disk performance has remained static for a decade. Utilize new technologies to boost your database management knowledge and your job performance. Don’t miss this informative webinar.

    Featured Presenter

    Avi Nayak, Product Manager, Pure Storage


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