• Encryption for the Next Generation Endpoint: Webinar for DOD

    55:00 | Recorded on Feb 20, 2014 | Cybersecurity

    The average value of a lost laptop is $49,246, according to a study performed by the Ponemon Institute. Data is the lifeblood of your agency and it’s important to understand how a Data at Rest (DAR) solution should work in the DOD environment. McAfee’s Drive Encryption algorithm is newly rewritten to increase both the speed of the initial encryption and drive access time for end-user transparency. Join McAfee’s DOD Senior Security Engineer, Nicholas Clark, for an interactive Webinar to review DAR solutions and how they should work in the DOD environment.

    Watch this Webinar to learn how to:

    • Lock down sensitive information with Drive Encryption combined with strong access control
    • Ensure that specific files and folders are always encrypted, regardless of where data is edited, copied, or saved
    • Automatically encrypt entire devices without requiring user action, training, or impacting system resources
    • Get automatic, on-the-fly encryption for virtually any mobile storage device, company-issued or not

    Let McAfee show you encryption as it is meant to be, powerful, easy, and transparent.


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