• How to Allow Broad Web Access by Isolating Your Traffic

    46:39 | Recorded on Jul 17, 2018 | Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity


    • Many organizations block users from browsing uncategorized sites (by setting secure web gateway policies) because of the risk they represent, even if they are legitimate.
    • Millions of harmful hosts (domains, subdomains or IP addresses) pop up every day and many have lifespans of less than 24 hours.
    • Users lose productivity because they're blocked from reaching web-based URLs. When they do, they import web traffic with associated risks into their enterprise.

    Solution: Isolate web browsing - keep it outside of the enterprise! Enable users full web browsing experience, without the risks of bringing the web traffic into their enterprise!

    Learn About:

    • How to contain any web traffic with inconclusive risk or is uncategorized by Global Intelligence Network within the Symantec Web Isolation solution.
    • How to boost productivity without incurring any additional network risks.
    • How the world's largest civilian threat intelligence service contributes, and how it will protect your enterprise from malware attacks.


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