• Making mobile access secure and convenient using derived PIV credentials

    45:20 | Recorded on Dec 12, 2018 | Big Data and Analytics, Business and Operations, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity

    The government workplace is already using tablets and/or smartphones to access secure data, but the existing technology available to reach this data securely can be unwieldy and somewhat outdated. With the introduction of derived PIV credentials, you can use your existing secure technology to access important information without it being a hassle.


    • Using PIV, CAC, PIV-I or CIV cards with mobile devices may be secure but impractical and will impact user experience
    • Enabling mobility and complying with federal policy may introduce challenges


    • Take advantage of already-issued secure identity credentials to issue digital credentials to mobile devices
    • Ensure the identity is protected on the device, so it cannot be copied or reused
    • Deliver greater convenience by introducing PIN codes or fingerprints in place of passwords to protect the digital credential



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