• Operation Archangel: Live Report on Research into Hacker Network in Asia-Pacific Region

    32:45 | Recorded on Feb 25, 2015 | Cybersecurity

    For twelve months Intel Security labs observed and analyzed  Archangel, a  live hacking network in Asia Pacific. This network was able to access information on ally embassies, ally military, and US military contractors in the Asia Pacific Theatre. After studying this threat's techniques, Intel Security demonstrated how this research was conducted & what preventive measures needed to be taken in order to mitigate an advanced threat such as this.

    Join Intel Security and SwishData for an in-depth look at the anatomy of this real-life hack.

    Attendees will view:

    • Real-life example of an Advanced Persistent Threat hack in the wild.
    • Defined kill chain for the specific APT and what could have been used to stop it.
    • Best practices for integration of multiple products such as IPS, Email Gateways, DLP, Sandboxing and tighter patching controls, all monitored by a SIEM for better situational awareness.


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