• Take back control – make the network work for you

    35:00 | Recorded on Apr 3, 2014 | Cybersecurity

    Take full control—make your network work for you.

    Learn how to prevent 95% of your network from being infected in 24 hours by a Zero Day attack.

    Studies have shown: 97% of NEW malware is delivered via applications running on non-standard ports, or via SSL-encrypted traffic.

    This on-demand Webinar by Palo Alto Networks and NetScout will show you how to ensure you have the protection and control you need against the latest threats.

    You will understand how to:

    • Identify and secure the applications running on your network.
    • Scan SSL traffic with an integrated, cost-effective architecture.
    • Create a security architecture based on application, user, and content.
    • Reduce incident response time from hours and days – to minutes.
    • Identify network anomalies and ID problems before they spread.


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