• Tanium and CDM

    54:41 | Recorded on May 22, 2019 | CDM

    Legacy solutions that take days or weeks to return results are no longer viable in effectively managing your IT assets under continuous assessment protocols of CDM. By the time the data you need is returned, the information has come from a database that is hours, days, or even weeks old and your assets could have completely changed.

    Tanium is a communications platform that gives operations and security professionals real time visibility and control across all of their devices, regardless of scale or complexity. The key here is real time – the data you’re getting back comes directly from the endpoint in it’s current state, not from a database. 

    What does this mean in terms of continuous assessment under CDM? The 72 hour reporting windows required to meet continuous assessment standards are no longer a standard for you and your team. Using Tanium from a hardware and software asset management perspective means you have continuous visibility and control across all of your assets in real time, not within a 72 hour window.


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