• Technology matters: Taking your procurement certification/training program to the next level

    56:00 | Recorded on Mar 14, 2017 | Business and Operations

    Best-in-class training and development programs require more than technology that merely checks the boxes. Finding the right technology is critical to ensuring success and enabling growth amidst limited resources and shrinking budgets.

    Join David Ohara, eLearning Project Manager at California DGS|CalPCA, as he discusses his thorough evaluation of top LMS providers, shares his key technology requirements to enable growth and success, and explain why he ultimately selected Blackboard to take his training program to the next level.

    Tom Herrmann and Darryl Warren, both from Blackboard Inc., will provide additional details on Blackboard’s innovative, integrated suite of learning solutions and demonstrate the latest technology available to help you solve your learning challenges, maximize results, and reduce costs. 

    During this webinar, you will learn: 

    • Flexible registration options are critical to eLearning organizations
    • Blackboard organizes all training (in-person events, online self-pace, and webinars)
    • Content authoring and content management are easy 
    • How California Departments/Agencies can share content with Blackboard xpLOR




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