• The Future of Federal Networks is Software Based. Get Ready Now.

    53:56 | Recorded on Oct 17, 2014 | Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure

    If you missed our June training, attend this special Webinar for channel partners to help your customers harness the power of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). SDN expert, Greg Castelluci, will help you:

    • Gain a foundational understanding of SDN and NFV technologies
    • Understand deployment and migration options, even for Cisco shops
    • Explore use cases relevant to federal market
    • Learn how software networking will help federal initiatives

    Analysts predict new SDN and NFV technologies will help your customers:

     Enable new architectures, services, and applications

    • Lower cost
    • Simplify network operations
    • Improve security


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