• Unusual Suspects: Fighting the Invisible Enemy Part II

    30:00 | Recorded on Mar 12, 2014 | Big Data and Analytics, Business and Operations, Cybersecurity

    Why do cybercriminals have the advantage in the war on fraud?

    Because these individuals choose their specialties, master their skills, and create networks of colleagues to organize their crimes.

    As a result U.S. officials face the challenging task of identifying the perpetrators of malicious cyber attacks. The person or persons behind an attack can range from lone actors to expansive criminal networks; the digital realm further complicates this challenge.

    Finding the answers to these questions is key in preventing cyber crimes. This invaluable Webinar series reveals new ways to combat cybercrime using TIBCO StreamBase LiveView®. Utilize a real-time analytics platform with live, streaming data to visualize information in motion and expose cyber criminals. Transform your ability to identify and combat fraudulent activity.

    View this recording to understand:

    • Current fraud detection, security and network operations issues. Why government agencies need powerful, real-time tools to optimize their security capabilities.
    • Event processing and real-time analytics technologies that capture, filter and analyze vast volumes of streaming and historical data to enable immediate action.
    • Actual examples of real-time network monitoring for fraud detection deployed using TIBCO Streambase LiveView.


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