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    1879 Whitehaven Road, #2105
    Grand Island, New York 14072


    ScriptString.AI is a data management platform that provides services which enable organizations to gain a competitive advantage by delivering quality data faster to measure results and reduce business risks.

     As a SaaS cloud-based data management platform, it is designed to validate data quality, organize and classify the information, and unify data regardless of source or format.

    ScripString.AI uses a data harmonization layer that is format-agnostic and can integrate with any source to accelerate data transformation initiatives, measure results and accelerate decision-making with real-time analytics.
    Designed to reduce data preparation by 90%, ScriptString collects, extracts, and processes data from any format, system, file, or database; structured or unstructured. ScripString.AI reduces quality control costs by 80%, improves data quality and reduces errors by fixing bad data upon ingestion with built-in data processing quality checks.
    With an aim to speed up analysis by 70%, ScriptString measures and acts on real-time analytics and reporting. It creates a comprehensive audit trail that documents changes and is designed to enforce compliance requirements.


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