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    20258 Island View Ct.
    Sterling, VA 20165


    SquirrelWERKZ Inc. is a Cyber- Economic Threat Intelligence (CETI) Products and Services Company.  We combine 15+ professional threat, risk and investigative career domains into a single solution model to better:

    • Predict the activities, behaviors and actions associated with the 21st century corporate, economic and government threats (Cyber- economic) to business outcomes.
    • Prescribe highly relevant and actionable courses-of-action required to optimize business outcomes given the nature of the 21st century cyber-enabled, nation-state sponsored anti-trust, market manipulation and fraud campaigns. 
    • Manage ongoing threat actors and activity in a manner more consistent with the nature and complexity of nation-state or organized crime affiliated cyber-economic campaigns.

    SquirrelWERKZ is uniquely positioned to deliver these services, as we invented the cyber-economic methods, techniques and toolkits to identify cyber-economic threats and currently serve as the sole provider of these services and only do so on a selective basis.


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